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Sessions and Fees

Sessions and Fees: Welcome


I offer an initial free no-obligatory phone call, lasting 15 minutes, as a space to discuss any questions you might have about the therapy.

The counselling sessions are 50 minutes long and taking place weekly. (Less frequent sessions are also possible).

The first introductory session is focused on the opportunity to talk about what brings you to therapy and to discuss your expectations and hopes.

You might feel unsure about starting therapy, which is a common concern people have, often due to uncertainty what to expect from counselling or whether it is a right time to start. You can decide after the first session, if you would like to continue the counselling and if my services would be useful to you.

We can agree jointly on how many sessions you would like and review at any time during therapy. The therapy can be time-limited or on open-ended basis.

All sessions are currently held online via Zoom. I provide remote therapy to those who prefer or need to hold sessions from comfort of their own place, those working from home, clients who travel frequently, and to people in remote or international locations.


Sessions are currently charged at £85. Fees can be paid via bank transfer.  

I have a limited number of appointments charged at reduced fees for students and those on low income. Please contact me for further details.

Please be advised that sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be charged at the full fee.

Fees may be reviewed annually. 

Approved Provider 

AXA Health


Vitality Health


If you would like to pay via your private insurer, please provide me with the insurance details. Higher fees apply for the private insurance payment due to additional administration work.

Sessions and Fees: Welcome
Sessions and Fees: Image
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